Fly fishing in Oshino

I went to fly fishing to our usual spring creek, Oshino. It was really lovely day and looking good Mt Fuji!

Hideyuki, fish on!

I received some photos from Hideyuki, Today.  Two years ago, I made trout fly assortment for him and he got two Yamame that is landlocked Cherry salmon today. And these are his first fish on fly in his life!

Two Rainbows in local stream

I went to fly fishing to my local small stream on Sunday and caught two rainbow trout.

Yamame at local river

It was cold raining two days and It may not so easy for fish. Go or Not?  I went. 

First trout fishing in Oshino, 2017

Yoshi and I went to fly fishing to Oshino and caught several trout each other. It was our first trout trip in 2017.

Fly assortment

Three month ago, Hideyuki went to first fly fishing in his life for chub and he said to me "I will try trout fly fishing in this year". It's sound great.

 I made "Startup fishing fly assortment box" for him. As you know, these flies are famous, basic style and I recommend to everybody at every time.
 Hiroyouki, hope you will catch some beauties in your mountain stream!
 Tight line!